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About GetSet in Australia

Belbin GetSet is the Belbin profiling tool designed especially for students and young people.  


The Belbin team in Australia have considerable experience working with students and young people as well as corporate, government, defence, NGO and sporting teams.  With a wealth of school, university and organisational experience in team and leadership development we can help you use Belbin GetSet in many ways.  


The GetSet team within our broader Belbin team also have hands-on teaching experience with students as Teachers, Year Co-Ordinators, Gifted and Talented facilitators and also as team and leadership development speakers and facilitators within schools.

Key GetSet Team Members

Megan Miller BSc, BA, DipEd 

GetSet Director and Senior Facilitator

(Belbin Accredited, Registered Teacher and Blue Card Holder)

Meg is a Registered Teacher (QLD) and has also designed and delivered team and leadership development programmes for educational institutions, major corporate and government clients world-wide in her role as General Manager of Sabre Corporate Development. Prior to becoming a Science Teacher Meg was also an Army officer and so she brings a diverse range of teaching and leadership roles to the GetSet Australia team.



Samantha Biddle BSc, GDipT

GetSet Facilitator and Operations Director

(Belbin Accredited, Registered Teacher and Blue Card Holder)

Sam has worked in hospitality management, the team building and development industry and is a Registered Teacher (QLD).  She has designed and delivered a wide range of highly successful programmes for schools (State and Independent) as well as major international corporate and government clients in her management and facilitation roles with Sabre Corporate Development.


Ross Leader BA Dip Ed

GetSet Facilitator

(Belbin Accredited, Registered Teacher and Blue Card Holder)

Ross has worked as a High School teacher in both NSW and QLD, lately with Education Queensland where he is still a Registered Teacher (QLD) having retired from full time teaching in 2016.  He has also worked on a casual basis with Sabre Corporate Development as a team building event facilitator since 1997 with corporate and government clients.



Talan Miller

GetSet Facilitator and Team and Leadership Development Facilitator

(Belbin Accredited and Blue Card Holder)

Talan is the founder of Sabre Corporate Development (est 1988) and he has been using the Belbin Model with major corporate, government, defence, NGO and sports clients world-wide since 1989.  He has also served as a young officer in the Australian Army and designed and delivered successful team building and leadership development packages for State and Independent Schools. 

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